Manufacturing Capabilities

Print Shop

The Print Shop at BAW Plastics specializes in screen printing on a wide range of plastic substrates as well as on cardstock, coated papers, and aluminum. Our printing capabilities range from basic spot color printing to multi-color halftones and state-of-the-art four color process printing. In addition, we produce indoor and outdoor vinyl signs and banners.

We have multiple mechanical flatbed printing presses currently in operation with image areas of 24" x 36" and 36" x 54". Also, our unique ability to "hand print" enables us, in some cases, to manually print on pieces after they have been fabricated, further enhancing our versatility. The vast majority of our printing is done using UV inks, but we do occasionally revert to the use of conventional "air dried" inks in situations where a UV ink may not be compatible with a given substrate. Many commercial shops print at outputs between 55 and 65 LPI. We are able to print at a resolution of 87 LPI. This superior resolution capability gives us a marked advantage when reproducing fine print, gradations, and four color process work.

Our Print Shop is a compact, efficient, in-house source; here to satisfy your screen printing needs. Manned by an experienced staff, we are at your service and eager to provide a level of quality that both you and your customer will take pride in.